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NOV 17 2009


In order to understand his success, let us take a step back and appreciate where he is coming from. This hot shot SEO consultant that commands a rate of more than $500 per hour always believed in the value of appreciating people more than the game. Many SEO “experts” preach about beating “the game”- that includes trying to outsmart the competition, studying the algorithm, and mining the rich keywords to bring your product to the top of the SERPs. Aaron Wall’s simple insight on search differs: “Even if you do not know much about algorithms you can still do well if you understand people, network, and are interested in your topic,” Aaron Wall says.

Wall’s famous SEO Book is probably the most hyped work on SEO. But ‘lo and behold, the book beats the hype! The 220+ page treatise is very easy to read and digest, comprehensive, and very personal. It gives soul to a very cutthroat business and shifts the focus to marketing your business over the technicalities of SEO.

The book is also a great introduction for his SEO Training Program. If you want to be certified as an SEO expert, Aaron’s SEO training program is just what you need. The training program includes over 100 training modules on a wide variety of SEO topics (keyword research, link building, site architecture, tracking results etc.), an exclusive online forum for members to discuss SEO, videos and other learning resources, and other membership exclusives. Aaron’s SEO Training Program is ranked first in Google Search Rankings which says a lot on the popularity of his training program.

His website ( is one of the most authoritative sources in SEO training. These widely popular tools include SEO Firefox Toolbar, SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool, SEO Book Rank Checker, and SEO Google Gadgets.

Aaron Wall is simply one of the biggest names in the industry. His advice should not only be listened to, but also sought out. His very joyful clients and trainees can attest to his program and many obviously benefit from his hands-on tools.

Aaron Wall’s SEO insights are not only confined in a box of technicalities but approaches the dynamics of relationships and people to internet marketing with great vigor.

SEO Book – his primary product and key to success. One of the most reputed and popular books in the search industry.
SEO Book Training Program – the most popular SEO training program for budding SEO marketers.
Field of Expertise: search engine optimization, seo training, seo consultancy, link building, domaining, monetization, pay per click
Aaron Wall Buzzwords: Learn. Rank. Dominate!
Excerpts from Aaron:
“Are you creating something that is unique and shows passion? Would you value and share it if you were not related to it? If the answer to those questions is yes then you are ahead of over 90% of competing websites.” – Aaron Wall
“Don't look for a single person or a single packaged solution to be your competitive advantage. Create your own competitive advantage by picking a topic you are passionate about, and investing your time and energy into making yourself an expert.” – Aaron Wall
“Relevancy and conversion are huge. No point trying to market something that doesn’t convert.” – Aaron Wall


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