Allan Gardyne is internet marketer who hails from Australia. He is an internet marketing guru that doesn’t have his own products. What Allan Gardyne does is he fills his website with information and this is where he attracts people to click on his affiliate ads.

Alex Perez-Prat is a well known internet marketer, blogger, and author. He has written numerous articles about internet marketing, affiliate marketing and advertising. Alex Perez-Prat is also an expert in resale rights and runs a membership site that helps its members learn how to earn from resale rights products.

Bryan Winters is an example of how internet marketing can transform an individual’s life. He was a former factory worker while doing affiliate marketing on the side. Now, Bryan Winters is one of the biggest internet marketers around.


George Brown is an online marketer based in the UK who began working on the internet back in 2008 when he was merely 17 years old. It was during that time when he discovered success via his very own affiliate marketing system called Google Sniping.



Jeffrey Lant is the individual behind the business called World Profit – a product which is being sold as a complete website package for online marketing.


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Anik Singal hails from India and is an affiliate training consultant who founded the Affiliate Classroom back in 2004. In addition to being a SEO and PPC expert, Anik Singal also runs PPC Classroom and Launch Tree membership.



Jack Humphrey and Peter Lenkefi are the ones responsible for Real Time Affiliate – an affiliate direct link marketing tool which uses the social web in order to bypass traditional hurdles for the purpose of gaining online profits.


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Andrew Fox is the creator of Affiliate Millionaire as well as a slew of internet marketing products. Take note that this high school graduate began engaging in online work back in 2000. According to Andrew, he owns some companies with Advent-Marketing as his major marketing business which he himself found along with Lawrence Pryor, his business partner. He is also co-founder of, a dating service via text message. He also recently opend his very own company called Specialist-Marketing which similarly deals with online marketing.



Bryan Winters is an online marketing success story. Believe it or not, he was a factory worker in Minnesota while at the same time working on his internet business part time. It was when Winters was able to develop his own product called Push Button Publishing that he made it big that he eventually quit his job.


Michael Edwards is the creator of Clickbank Affiliate Loophole as well as the maker of Guru Domination Blueprint. He is popularly known as a thrifty online marketer who makes sure he utilizes his online marketing tactics to be the first to get into various affiliate products prior to it hitting the net. Therefore, Michael Edwards gets the first profits and sales upon launch day.

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Adrian Ling is best known as the prime architect of EasyClickMate – the first Clickbank Affiliate Management Tool. Since 2002, his simple tools enriched a lot of internet marketers while effectively changing the way affiliates promote their products. His tool continues to be popular in the face of numerous competitors and clones, and more and more users are finding his input very productive for their own campaigns.

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