At such a young age, Stanley ? the ?University Kid? - has been touted as a best-selling author and a young entrepreneur.

Thanks to his incredible powers of persuasion, he was able to get 14 experts in internet marketing and interview all of then for his book. Currently, Stanley Tang generates more than a 6-figure income due to his skills in online marketing. Believe it or not, he is still very much in high school!

Stanley Tang also confesses that he is not a millionaire - at least not yet. However, he professes to make a very comfortable online income via affiliate marketing, information marketing and social media.

How did Stanley Tang begin his online journey?

It all began when Stanley had a computer when he was only 3 years old. However, he only began to dabble online in 2001.

When a friend introduced Stanley to web design, javascript, html, he began building sites for himself and his friends only as a hobby. He also hosted them on free hosting servers such as Geocities and Angelfire.

His online life changed when he picked up the book Rich Dad Poor Dad at a local bookstore. It was only at that time when Stanley first heard about concepts such as assets, business, cashflow, money, leverage. He loved the book so much that he bought the entire series of the Rich Dad books.

Stanley also turned to the internet to acquire a lot more info. He also downloaded interviewes and PDF reports which relate to the lessons shown in the Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

Stanley also signed up to tons of email mailing lists. He remembers that on May 13, 2006, he received a spam email about Google Adsense. It was at this time when he saw the possibility of making money online. He then created numerous blogspot sites and wrote a few articles. He then placed Adsense ads on them.

Stanley claims that by July 2006, he was able to make his very first $100. By January 2007, he made his first ever $1,000 online.

In his first ever year online, his business produced five-figure sales (he was 14 years old then).

Currently, Stanley is on-track and is making 6-figures by the end of 2008.

In December 2008, Stanley released his paperback book entitled: eMillions: Behind the Scenes Stories of 14 Successful Internet Millionaires. The book became an instant number one best-seller on Amazon. The book instantly transformed Stanley to the world?s youngest best-selling business author. The book was also featured on

The experts featured in Stanley?s ?emillions? book include Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner, Willie Crawford, Jermaine Griggs, Michel Fortin, Andrew Fox, Tom Beal, Jason James, Stu Mclaren, Rosalind Gardner, Joel Christopher, Gary Ambrose, Jeremy Schoemaker and Rob Cowie. The book is basically an inspirational read and not a how-to book on how to specifically find million-dollar success online.

His current project is called ?Prodigy Magic.?

Stanley is also the owner of The University Kid blog.

Overall, those who purchased Stanley?s eMillions book gave it positive reviews. No negative comments about Stanley has been seen on forums.


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