Along with his partner Scott Twait, he then began his online marketing venture via online videos in order to drive targeted and quality traffic in order to generate profits.

Jeff has since worked on products which are based on social media marketing. Jeff believes in the effectiveness of social media marketing for either generating sales and traffic.

Jeff eventually reached a six figure income in as short as 8 months.

It was when Jeff experienced a drastic accident whilst flying his jet - he had a severe leg and back injury, with his doctors advising him he had an 85% chance of flying again – that he decided to rest at home and learn internet marketing in order to make his time useful.

When he completely recovered, he decided to give internet marketing his full attention.

Jeff’s first ever product – along with his partner Scott – was Quick Video Marketing. The product was targeted to a wide range of professionals such as real estate agents, home business owners, authors, network marketers and auto dealers.

It also guaranteed to produce tons of unique visitors to your affiliate sites and videos. Basically, the product equips users with techniques which enables them to generate traffic thru video marketing.

His Quick Video Marketing consists of five modules: the first module is Ethical Espionage, the second is Hypnotic Video Creation, the third module is Morally Manipulating the Masses, the fourth module is Circle of Influence, the fifth module is Stealth Video and Advanced Techniques.

His most recent product launch is the Cash Flow Funnel. It is a system that allows one to plug-in tried and tested proven techniques as well as strategies to one’s internet business and then gain excellent benefits.

Jeff claims that 95% of what people advertise and sell on the web is a waste of time. He therefore came up with a system which allows members to produce an online and highly profitable business.

The course consists of two real time business models which Jeff assures is easy to follow and earn money from. He also guides users on the detailed steps on how such online businesses could be mastered.

Overall, Jeff Herschy Schwerdt’s being an F16 pilot is truly worth considering as it shows his professional and personal dedication.

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