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Copywriting has been one of the least mastered skills that most internet marketers have. It really takes a lot of practice before you can get it right and even tell yourself have mastered it already. For this many people turn to self-proclaimed copywriting masters who by all accounts aren’t even that good and they get to charge a lot from you. However there is one person who everyone can say is a genius copywriter; his name is Alan Forrest Smith.

Alan ventured into the business of copywriting around 1999 to 2000 when he was doing copywriting solely for his hairdressing businesses. After he realized he has innate potential for copywriting, he plunged himself into several home study courses and books. Afterwards that is when he launched Orange Beetle Copywriting. In this website he offers his services of copywriting for online and offline businesses. However he only chooses clients and businesses that he wants to work with, as Alan emphasizes that he will first have to study your business strategy before deciding if he wants to work with you or not. This is so because Alan believes that his copywriting alone can never get you to succeed, it will help for sure and in a lot of ways, but if your business strategy is not as sound as it looks, then you are just going to waste you own time.

Dubbed as the Non Conformist Copywriter, Alan Forrest Smith has been copywriting for some of the internet marketing industry’s biggest names such as Ted Cuba, Marlon Sanders, Jay Abraham, and Stephen Pierce. He even worked with Michel Fortin before and was impressed by Alan’s skill. He is a copywriter that writes like no other copywriter does. As proven by his great track record not only in the world of internet marketing, but also by people and businesses outside the world of internet.

Alan Forrest Smith also does direct response consultation. He reviews and critiques your marketing materials, does video webinars, and if possible also does face to face consultation and team strategizing sessions. He also does public speaking for motivation inspiration, and dynamic marketing. He has been a resource speaker to different crowds around the world and has been sought after still up to now.

Alan Forrest Smith for all his eccentricity and flamboyance is regarded as an exceptional copywriter whose work truly shows out the results. And the results that are shown are pretty well. A lot of people, internet marketers, and businesses want to work with him because of his exceptional skill. Despite the expensive seminars, consultations, and workshops that he provides, Ala Forrest Smith is still trusted by the public and they believe he is just charging them rightly for the very excellent service that he provides.

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