Before finalizing the training course 9 To 5 Annihilation, the course was first tested out. Kieran Gill took a handful of people who are committed to making money online. His tests came out with revealing results. Many people committed the same error in not picking the right type of niche. It was also discovered that they failed to recognize what motivates an audience or different types of audiences to purchase their product or service. Some of them even went too far with one methodology that they got banned by search engines. All these discoveries gave Kieran what was needed to tweak and create a better training program. 9 To 5 Annihilation is developed to be the fastest and most trustworthy training program on how to make decent money online.

The 9 To 5 Annihilation consists of four core elements which are:

* The Monster course – this part of the program will show you how to build a powerful site using a step by step blueprint. This blueprint is base on the real-time tests Kieran conducted with regular people who have little to no experience in internet marketing.

* The Harvester Method - is a short-term money making technique that Kieran claims can make you $900 a day.

* Software and some tools – these consists of the Keyword Annihilation, Auto Follow Annihilation, Auto Link Builder, and a variety of WordPress Themes.

* One on one coaching with Kieran Gill himself.

Kieran states that the blueprint consists of never before heard techniques in online money-making. One of the techniques taught within the program, the Loophole technique, is only being used by fellow internet marketer Chris X and Kieran Gill. So in this tutorial he will finally reveal that and other techniques to you.

As a member of the 9 To 5 Annihilation training program, you will have access to an elite forum where you can get priority support and also a one on one coaching with Kieran. You will also get access to a secret keyword tool which will give you profitable keywords that you can rank with within the 24 hour time frame. This tool works by spying on what other successful internet marketers are using for their campaign. You also get access to Kieran’s own design and programming team that will help you with HTML or script concerns. Last and not the least, you will also have access to case studies of the new websites Kieran is working on and also the successful campaigns he ever did.

9 To 5 Annihilation only costs $37 for the first month, and then the following months will be $47. This is a very affordable course that will reveal to you a lot of things that you never thought would be even possible. Kieran Gill enjoys a good reputation online and surely this training program is going to be big.

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