Rempel believes that most of the profits ultimately go to the creators of products who – in reality - do very minimal work (when most of the hard tasks are done by affiliates who get to have a very small part of the affiliate marketing pie).

Those who promote internet marketing products are used to the idea that they are similarly in competition with other affiliates who are also similarly promoting the same affiliate product using the same keywords – a process that for most would prove to be quite difficult.

Chris Rempel’s 24 Hour Hot Product Formula details how an internet affiliate could go from working for other people’s products to graduating and become business owner themselves.

Believe it or not, Chris Rempel started like everyone else. He began his online career promoting the products of other people. His process was to build website affiliates, attempt to acquire rankings for specific keywords which he believed would translate to sales and then wait – if not hope – for sales commissions.

Eventually, he realized that doing the same process over and over again will not allow one to possess a sustainable business model in the long-term.

It was at this time when he decided to turn his focus to create his very own product which he could sell or recruit others into selling for him. Thus, the 24 Hour Hot Product Formula was born.

The 24 Hour Hot Product Formula details the whole process of creating a product.

Take note that Rempel’s product collides head on with the established notions of most affiliate marketers.

While affiliate marketing promotes the idea of creating websites or looking for products to sell which are in some way related to a marketer’s own interest, Rempel believes in the exact opposite.

He argues that one should find specific markets which already possess high demand. One should also look for buyers who are willing to make the purchase. Rempel believes that when your efforts are focused in identifying these two elements, your rate of success would increase in the long term.

The 24 Hour Hot Product Formula guides the reader throughout the whole process of choosing a market as well as in generating good content with which the needs of the market could be satisfied. Finally, he outlines a method for effective product promotion.

Be aware that the product is an ebook and video course combined in a single package. The videos are not done smoothly though as Chris is clearly more concerned about delivering effective content than flashy visuals. However, Chris is straightforward enough to proceed with the nitty gritty details of product creation.

Also, if you have no previous experience about concepts such as Clickbank or Google keyword tool, it is not advisable to acquire Rempel’s 24 Hour Hot Product Formula. However, no one is stopping you to purchase your own copy while it is currently cheap.

Do note that the author is ethical enough to not offer any guarantee that the system will work. However, he does direct the reader through a comprehensive process of searching for in-demand markets and then allows the reader to take whatever action he wishes.

Fundamentally, the 24 Hour Hot Product Formula is best for those who are already doing affiliate marketing. It is also perfect for those who have reached a specific point in their online marketing business wherein they believe that they should start doing something different, such as making their own products rather than promoting someone else’s.

Even Rempel recommends that the product be used by those who have already gained appropriate experience in affiliate marketing as the product offers ideas that are quite advanced.

Rempel also considers the idea of product creation as the serious affiliate marketer’s ultimate goal since it has the potential to be expanded, maintained and established.

Overall, Rempel has a decent reputation and an extensive experience on being an affiliate marketer and product creator that his 24 Hour Hot Product Formula is surely worth a try.

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