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NOV 24 2009

Seamless Transaction Experience

PayLoadz is designed to make e-commerce seamless. Once your account is set up, you can receive payments using Paypal and Google Checkout - a great convenience considering that ClickBank only gives out payments through checks. The interface includes features such as easy access to products, control panel, secure downloads, automated subscriptions checking, adwords conversion and more.

If you are used to Paypal and eBay, setting up your products is a breeze. The product form page will ask for the item name, selling price, and an optional entry for the "thank you" note that will be emailed to the customers that buy your product. You can also add your keywords, product descriptions, and images to further define your product. After uploading your product, Payloadz will generate a code for the shopping cart button.

While we have established that loading your products to PayLoadz is easy enough, we also have to make sure that your potential buyers can get from your squeeze pages to your product in the easiest way possible. Here, Payloadz works best with Paypal and Google Checkout and the simple interface ensures that your buyers won't get lost in the clutter.

A key features with this service is the PayLoadz eBay Store. This eBay stores gives sellers easy access to the eBay market by linking your PayLoadz products to your eBay auctions. Affiliates have already seen the earning potential of PayLoadz so you will have no shortage of people willing to promote your products.

PayLoadz Premium Plans and Fees

PayLoadz offers a free account and 6 levels of premium accounts. The plans are tailored depending on the magnitude of transactions that you are expected to make from PayLoadz. The Premium I plan cost $5 per month, which is enough for 4GB storage and a monthly transaction limit of $100. Then it runs up to Premium VI which offers unlimited storage and monthly transaction limit of $500,000. The first month for all plans is free and you can easily upgrade from one plan to the next.

Some of PayLoadz’ impressive features that define their service include digital auctions support on eBay, Yahoo, and Amazon, Google Adwords conversion tracking, affiliate builder system, support for six major currencies, Paypal micropayment support, and Google checkout integration.


With more established competition in this segment, PayLoadz offers some advantages for sellers and affiliates. For one, its relative popularity works well for sellers in attracting affiliates to promote their products. And although Clickbank and E-Junkie are more comprehensive as e-commerce services go, the simplicity of PayLoadz makes it more compelling for internet marketers as an extra stream of income.

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